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A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be part of a Jazz composers roundtable, organized by the Jazz Education Network. There were a few “older” (meaning established, hehehe) composers: Ryan Middagh, Greg Yasinitsky, Roxy Coss, and myself; and the younger composers, past Young Composer Showcase selectees Phillip Ryan Goss, Annie Booth, and Gabriel Severn. The hang was great! A lot of insights and sharing. It made me reflect on the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship.   Everybody needs somebody! All of us have had at some point people who helped us become who we are today. For artists that relationship is very personal and meaningful because those people who become mentors help develop our artistic personality into the kind of artist and people we are today. As influences, I could mention every teacher, student, and friend I have had over the years. I’ve learned a lot from so many people but today I want to mention a few souls that changed my musical life and helped me become t


Hi!!! I hope you are staying safe during these crazy times and that you and your family are healthy. It's been hard for me to keep the blog updated but here I am today. These last few weeks have been really busy online for me. Strandberg Guitars The Latino artists for Strandberg Guitars had a great .Stranded* live Zoom with the one and only Ola Strandberg . It was great sharing with the amazing Lore Paz Ampuero and Koke Benavides (Chile), José Macario (Mexico), and Liam (my son) and I .  We had a fantastic conversation, which you can watch at the Strandberg Facebook  and Youtube pages ( ) We own three of these amazing instruments now and love them all!! Fun Challenge Just for fun (and responding to a challenge from my friend Scott Burstein's  from Little Kids Rock ) I took a shot at Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" solo on the Classic Malta Blue (right on th