A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be part of a Jazz composers roundtable, organized by the Jazz Education Network. There were a few “older” (meaning established, hehehe) composers: Ryan Middagh, Greg Yasinitsky, Roxy Coss, and myself; and the younger composers, past Young Composer Showcase selectees Phillip Ryan Goss, Annie Booth, and Gabriel Severn. The hang was great! A lot of insights and sharing. It made me reflect on the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship.   Everybody needs somebody! All of us have had at some point people who helped us become who we are today. For artists that relationship is very personal and meaningful because those people who become mentors help develop our artistic personality into the kind of artist and people we are today. As influences, I could mention every teacher, student, and friend I have had over the years. I’ve learned a lot from so many people but today I want to mention a few souls that changed my musical life and helped me become t


Hi!!! I hope you are staying safe during these crazy times and that you and your family are healthy. It's been hard for me to keep the blog updated but here I am today. These last few weeks have been really busy online for me. Strandberg Guitars The Latino artists for Strandberg Guitars had a great .Stranded* live Zoom with the one and only Ola Strandberg . It was great sharing with the amazing Lore Paz Ampuero and Koke Benavides (Chile), José Macario (Mexico), and Liam (my son) and I .  We had a fantastic conversation, which you can watch at the Strandberg Facebook  and Youtube pages ( ) We own three of these amazing instruments now and love them all!! Fun Challenge Just for fun (and responding to a challenge from my friend Scott Burstein's  from Little Kids Rock ) I took a shot at Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" solo on the Classic Malta Blue (right on th

II V I ETUDE - Using a composed idea in a solo

Hi Everyone, It's been a while. I have been very busy on this side, but here I am... I've been getting a lot of questions on different topics and I decided to begin a series of videos in which I will cover a plethora of concepts such as jazz theory, music technology, recording and mixing, composition and arranging, etc. On the first video (watch it here) I use a jazz-oriented idea on a II V I in major with the altered V7 and apply it in the context of jazz fusion. Although in this particular video I don't dive too deep into the theory and nuances of the material, it will give you an idea of how you can use an existing idea and incorporate it into a solo. In subsequent videos I will explain in detail this and many other topics. Please subscribe to my blog (, my youtube channel, and my Facebook page ( so you can receive notifications when I upload new videos. And if you have any question

ESTUDIO II V I - Usando una idea compuesta en un solo.

Hola todos, Me había desaparecido. Ha estado bien ocupado de este lado. Pero aquí de nuevo. Me han llegado muchas preguntas abarcando diferentes temas y decidí comenzar una serie de videos en los que voy a explorar conceptos como teoría de jazz, tecnologia, grabación y mezcla, composición/arreglo, etc. En este primer video (bajalo aqui) uso una idea de jazz (II V I en tonalidad mayor pero con el V alterado), aplicada en el contexto de jazz-fusión. Aunque en este video no explico cada detalle con profundidad, les dará una idea de lo que se puede hacer con una idea compuesta de antemano. En otros videos  voy a explicar con más detalle este y muchos otros temas. Por favor suscribete a mi blog (, mi pagina de youtube y mi pagina de Facebook ( para que recibas las notificaciones de futuros videos. Y por favor, cualquier pregunta no dudes en contactarme. Pueden bajar el backing track, un PDF y el a
NAMM 2018 - ANAHEIM, CA Hi!! Next week I'll be at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA with Strandberg Guitars. Super happy with the opportunity to share my excitement about these amazing and innovative instruments. Also excited to get together with old friends and make new ones. If you are there, please stop by and say hi. Hope to see you around. Peace, S
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! A lot of things happened at the end of 2017 and many more are coming up. Strandberg Endorsement: I became an Associate Artist for these amazing instruments. I'm loving playing them, which has changed some of my priorities, expanding what I want to do for this year. I'm super excited about the guitars! My plan is to record a new small group album before the end of the year, where, hopefully, you will hear why I'm so stoked with the instrument. Strandberg Boden Original 6 Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra at JEN 2018: I got together with many friends (old and new). Always a great place to hang. On January 5, I was honored to share the stage with an all-star band for the SGLJO concert. It's always a pleasure to hear my music played by these group of musicians. If you want to read about each musician, please visit my Facebook page (, where I shared the bios for each one of them. I hope to share a video
Hi All, Here's a compilation of three articles/videos I did for MakeMusic on jazz composition/arranging tips for Finale and the two-part article, "Natural Harmonization," I wrote for JazzEd Online. If you haven't seen/read it hope you enjoy it. Peace, S Hola Todos, Aquí hay una compilación de los tres artículos/videos que hice para MakeMusic sobre algunas ideas para composición/arrreglo de jazz en Finale y el artículo en dos partes de "Armonización Natural" que escribí para JazzEd Online. Si no lo has visto/leído espero lo disfrutes. Paz, S Finale 1 - Ensemble Voicing Finale 2 - Edit Filter/Paste Multiple Finale 3 - Drum Cues JazzEd 1 - Natural Harmonization (Part 1)